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Partner Testimonials

"NBIA has developed a suite of partner services designed to help us attract new customers, better cultivate our existing incubator relationships, and reduce the time between our first contact with prospects to our first sale. The NBIA Partner Program offers us a uniquely economical and effective way to reach and expand our target market: business incubators and their client companies." Greg Bean, President, Cybergroup, Inc.

NBIA’s Partner Program

Through the Partner Program, companies and organizations develop an alliance with NBIA to provide products and services that are beneficial to NBIA’s members (and, if applicable, their client and graduate companies).

Typically, NBIA is looking for exclusive offers – deals that our members could not find elsewhere. In return, NBIA has identified several marketing vehicles to extend our Partners' reach to our members. The greatest benefits NBIA offers to its Partners are access to our members and their client companies and NBIA’s willingness to actively promote and market the Partner’s product/service year round.

As an NBIA Partner, your benefits will include sponsorship of our annual International Conference on Business Incubation. Depending on your level of sponsorship, your benefits may also include sponsorship of NBIA's annual Fall Training Institute. Conference sponsorship offers an invaluable opportunity to talk face-to-face with our members and reinforce the messages NBIA transmits year-round.

For more information on the Partner Program, contact Lindsay Schuenke at

NBIA’s Commitment to our Partners

  • NBIA typically will not enter into Partner agreements with direct competitors of previous established partner companies.
  • NBIA will issue press releases to announce the partnership to be distributed via our contracted media relations company. NBIA also will provide the press release to the Partner Company for its own promotion.
  • The Partner Company will be listed on NBIA’s Partner Program section of its Web site. The introductory page will describe the Partner with a link to a detailed company profile. This profile will introduce the organization, specify the benefits for NBIA members and their clients, and inform members how to purchase the company’s services.
  • Partner Companies will be included in the rotation of NBIA Partners in the “Member Benefits Spotlight” section on NBIA’s Web site.
  • Partner Companies will have the opportunity to send two (2) joint marketing appeals per year to NBIA members on behalf of themselves and NBIA. ($600 value)
  • NBIA will include a half-page (5 x 8) profile of the Partner Company’s products and services in its New Member Packet.
  • Further promotion includes the following complimentary advertising opportunities in NBIA publications:
    • A 1/6-page advertisement in the NBIA Review ($263 value)
    • Coverage in NBIA’s Memberabilia, an e-publication of NBIA’s Membership Department (quarterly, at minimum).
    • Coverage in NBIA’s Insights, a weekly e-publication to nonmembers.
  • And more!

NBIA's International Conference on Business Incubation

For more than 20 years, NBIA’s conference has served as the premier forum for business incubator managers and developers to share their experiences. Researchers, economic development professionals, public policy makers, venture capitalists, educators and others interested in incubation also participate in our conference. With more than 60 educational sessions, multiple preconference workshops, incubator tours, receptions and networking events, the International Conference is NBIA’s flagship event.

Being a sponsor means you’ll be recognized as an integral part of the event in all conference-related materials and activities. NBIA staff and board members will serve as ambassadors at the conference, helping to facilitate networking between your organization and the attendees. From the conference program to the exhibits to the opening keynote address, we’ll make it clear that there is a connection between your organization and the business incubation industry.

Whether your organization seeks to build relationships with other organizations that support entrepreneurship or the entrepreneurs themselves, you’ll make valuable connections by sponsoring NBIA’s International Conference.

For more information on becoming a sponsor of NBIA's International Conference on Business Incubation, contact Lindsay Schuenke at

NBIA'S Fall Training Institute

NBIA’s annual Fall Training Institute (FTI) offers an intimate atmosphere for in-depth learning and informal networking. Attendees tell us they love FTI because it affords them lots of time for one-on-one networking with fellow attendees. Because participants get to know one another over the course of daylong workshops, they are able to build strong relationships that continue long after FTI comes to a close.

FTI offers the same opportunities for sponsors to build strong relationships with attendees. As an FTI sponsor, you’ll be able to tie your sponsorship to a specific workshop topic. You’ll get to participate in that workshop, which means you can spend quality time with attendees. You’ll also be able to network with all FTI attendees during breaks, lunches and the special sponsor’s reception.

Being a sponsor means you’ll be recognized as an integral part of the event in all FTI-related materials and activities. From the printed workshop materials to the FTI Web site to the sponsor’s reception, we’ll make it clear that there is a strong connection between your organization and the business incubation industry.

For more information on how to become involved in NBIA’s Fall Training Institute, contact Lindsay Schuenke at

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