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NBIA members now have an unparalleled opportunity to explain the importance of their programs and to gain financial support or maintain existing investments, if those are in danger.

With many government agencies cutting back on local investments — and corporate and foundation funds hard to come by — it’s vitally important that your stakeholders understand the value of business incubation, the innovations you commercialize and the jobs you create. The message is clear: Now is not the time to cut back on the nation’s foremost job creators.

This Web page — which we hope to expand as new tools and information become available — gives you the resources you need to increase awareness of business incubation generally (and of your program specifically), and to highlight the need to leverage investments in the nation’s entrepreneur support systems.

To download important information and templates, click on the links below:

Maintaining EDA funding

EDA reauthorization

Promoting business incubators as job creators

Business Incubator Promotion Act

Other Resources

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