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In the January/February 2014 issue of the NBIA Review:

The university-incubation connection: a series
Part Two: Turning research into cash
The ever-evolving face of university tech transfer

University incubation programs that specialize in technology transfer take many forms, with new ways of facilitating the transformation of research onto innovative businesses taking shape in new and existing programs all the time.

NBIA’s Pinnacle Incubation Industry Event

If you missed this year’s NBIA Summit for Advanced Incubation Professionals, you may have missed the best one yet. According to Charles Ross, assistant director of Enterprise Innovation Institute in Atlanta. “I’ve been to the last five summits, and this year’s event set a really high bar. I especially liked the Great Start-ups, Great Entrepreneurs session, as I picked up some good information on how we can become effective coaches for our clients and assist them in moving from visions to ventures.”

Reinventing high school with incubation and entrepreneurial education

Most innovations in business incubation are incremental, the fine-tuning of a broad general concept. Rarely does a program discover and capitalize on a whole new era of business development and education. It is this fact that makes the Center for Advanced Professional stand out.

First Network award winner keeps cities and counties happy

NBIA’s Incubator Network of the Year award was new in 2013. With more and more incubation programs involved in multiple sites and no way of recognizing them without shortchanging those programs, single-incubator programs, or both, it became clear that a new category was necessary.

The inaugural honoree is the University Central Florida Business Incubation Program, headquartered in Orlando, which is also the site of two of the network’s 10 incubators.

New, innovative white paper series on hot topics in business incubation available from NBIA

Whether you’re an incubator manage or someone investigating entrepreneur-support systems, you need access to the industry’s thought leadership.

NBIA bids farewell to board chair

As the NBIA Board of Directors welcomed new members in October, it also bid adieu to David Terry, executive director of the West Texas A&M University Enterprise Center in Amarillo, Texas, whose second board term has ended.


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