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Long Island High Technology Incubator Tour

All FTI attendees are invited to tour the Long Island High Technology Incubator on the evening of Thursday, Oct. 23. Enjoy light refreshments while learning about a top-notch incubation program. NBIA will provide transportation to and from the incubator. There is no additional fee for this event, so join us for the fun!

Long Island Activities

After the workshops, take time out to enjoy a game of golf or even a winery tour. Long Island is also home to beautiful beaches and stunning lighthouses. To learn more about Long Island’s sites and attractions, visit the Long Island Convention & Visitors Bureau Web site, www.licvb.com.

Visiting New York City

Enjoy the Big Apple! Take a train from Long Island to Manhattan, where you can enjoy a Broadway show, shop on Fifth Avenue, stroll through Central Park or visit the Statue of Liberty. To get to Manhattan, take the hotel shuttle to the Ronkonkoma train station, then take the train to Penn Station in Manhattan (approximately an hour and 25 minutes). From there you can take the subway or a taxi to your desired destination!




LIHTI Incubator Tour

Long Island Activities

Visiting New York City


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