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NBIA 14th International Conference on Business Incubation

May 20 - 23, 2000
Cleveland, Ohio


Incubation Rocks!
Rolling Out Innovative Incubation Programs for the 21st Century

More than 650 conference attendees from 33 nations, 48 states (including Washington, D.C.) and seven Canadian provinces rocked the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel May 20 through May 23. This record-breaking attendance meant sell-out crowds for the preconference workshops and standing room only at many sessions and roundtable discussions.

For registered attendees only, session materials are available online, as well as an updated list of attendees and a conference evaluation form. Everyone can purchase audio tapes of the conference sessions through

For those who missed this education and networking opportunity, don't despair. Fall Training Institute is just a few months away and next year's conference, the 15th International Conference on Business Incubation, will be held May 19-22 in San Josť, California. Information about both events will be available soon.

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