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Swing for the Fences: Seed Investing for Entrepreneurs
• October 14 (1 day)

Note: Scholarships are available for this workshop. Please see the Sponsors page for more details.

This acclaimed interactive workshop is a highly effective tool to help incubator managers increase entrepreneurs' chances of acquiring seed investments and to build community support for seed investing in entrepreneurial ventures. Previewed at the NBIA's 14th International Conference on Business Incubation, this workshop is an excellent means to develop your own local network of seed investors. It's an opportunity to experience this seminar, should you want to put it to work for the entrepreneurs and seed investors in your community.

Swing for the Fences covers the investment process step-by-step. Participants master the essentials and finer points of the curriculum through interactive breakout sessions, role-playing exercises, videotaped presentations, a practical "live" case study and on-site coaching from a team of local experts. This energetic seminar, developed by the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds (NASVF) in collaboration with the nation's leading seed investors, specialists and seasoned professionals, gives a candid view of how tried and true seed investors think, how they choose their investments and how they work with entrepreneurs.

NBIA is partnering with NASVF to bring this one-day seminar to our members. Enrollment is limited. The seminar will be offered again to NBIA members at another venue.


  • Crossing the Chasm — from idea to IPO and back again
  • Seed Investing — the complete process
  • Due Diligence — how smart investors analyze founders and their young companies
  • Valuing the Enterprise — how professional investors estimate a young company's market value
  • Pricing the Deal — the value of equity
  • The Term Sheet — what investors expect in board seats, liquidity, registration rights, non-compete agreements, and more
  • Negotiating the Deal — the do's and don'ts; forging a win-win strategy
  • Closing, Mentoring and Cashing Out — how investors and entrepreneurs work as a team to win

James P. Troxel, facilitator
Nationally recognized seed investors and industry professionals share their unique insights through videotaped presentations. The presenters include:

Steve Lazarus, Managing Director, ARCH Venture Partners, Chicago

Dennis Murphree, President, Murphree & Company, Houston

Robin Painter, Partner, Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault, Boston

Fee: $195 members/ $220 Nonmembers

October 14, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Location: Embassy Suites Hotel
Participants may pick up registration materials at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Lunch, refreshment breaks and reception.

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State of the Art in For-Profit Incubation Programs • October 15-16 (2 days)

Almost 400 for-profit incubation programs have opened worldwide in the past year-and-a-half, most with the purpose of growing Internet companies. Many of these programs are already graduating clients, even while investors are taking a harder look before leaping into Internet ventures. In the coming year we'll all be watching the market to discover the for-profit models that show the strongest economic performance and greatest likelihood of success.

In the meantime, questions about developing and managing commercial incubation programs and the future of such programs abound. Hence this workshop will provide 1) the answers to these questions and 2) the opportunity for working contact with those who are intimately involved in the for-profit incubation industry...

…but with a twist. You are going to design the program.


You tell us the issues you want to have addressed, what questions you want answered. NBIA will line up the practitioners, incubated companies, investors and other experts to respond. Here are possible questions and issues we've collected so far plus blank spaces in which you can write your own:

  1. Can incubators create value for shareholders on a long-term basis?
  2. What incubators will persevere? Why?
  3. What do incubators provide that venture capitalists and angel investors can't or don't provide? What relationships exist between incubators and investors?
  4. What are the burn rates for incubators?
  5. How much startup capital do incubators provide their companies?
  6. What are the projected returns on investment?
  7. What are the mechanisms for revenue?
  8. What is the average floor space required by tenants?
  9. What is the average length of tenant resident time?
  10. What percentage of graduating firms receives venture capital?
  11. How many firms fail?
  12. What is the average capitalization of graduating firms?
  13. What is the geography of deal flow?
  14. Can I see a break-even analysis?
  15. What are the implications of the SEC Investment Companies Act and the equity deals incubators cut with their companies?
  16. What's the difference between an incubator and an accelerator?
  17. Why would an entrepreneur choose to go into an incubator?
  18. ____________________________________________
  19. ____________________________________________
  20. ____________________________________________
  21. ____________________________________________
  22. ____________________________________________
  23. ____________________________________________
  24. ____________________________________________
  25. ____________________________________________
Check off your top 10 issues (ours, yours, or a combination). Fax back your "hot list" with your registration. Click here for a form to fax or email back to NBIA. After we've received input and have put together a program that covers the topics in the most helpful way, we'll send all attendees the final program.


Terry Collison, Partner, Blue Rock Capital, Wilmington, DE
Ned Renzi, General Partner, CEO Venture Fund, Pittsburgh, PA
Tom Thornton, Managing Partner, divine interVentures, Chicago, IL
George Sanborn, CEO, MIDAS Vision Systems, Wrenthem, MA
Larry Braitman, Managing General Partner of Signia Ventures LLC, San Mateo, CA, and Cofounder, Flycast Communications, Philadelphia, PA
Bill Spruill, Executive Vice President, StartUpStreet.com
Paul Mayer, Founding Partner, Fusion Ventures
Ed Fadel, Founding Partner, Fusion Ventures
David Reed, Executive Vice President, Fusion Ventures
Ted Westerheide, Executive Vice President, Fusion Ventures

Fee: $750 members/ $815 non-members

October 15, 8 a.m. to October 16, 5 p.m.
Location: Embassy Suites Hotel
Fee includes lunches, refreshment breaks, a Sunday evening networking dinner, Monday evening tour of the North Carolina Technological Development Authority, First Flight Venture Center, Fusion Ventures, and course materials.

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Establishing an Effective Business Incubation Program • October 15-17 (2 ½ days)

Note: Scholarships are available for this workshop. Please see the Sponsors page for more details.

For an incubation program to create successful companies, it needs to lead by example — a model of good business practices and self-sustainability. This workshop is geared for developers and managers who want to develop the skills and knowledge to create programs that graduate vital, independent companies. Managers won't want to miss the interactive activities, group discussions, lectures and peer-to-peer exchange on essential management and business assistance topics in the areas of financing, staffing, facilities, governance, and services. You'll come away with the tools to lead and operate an effective incubation program.

Developers starting a new incubation program or managers rethinking your current one: This workshop will act as a comprehensive planning tool for everything from determining your project's feasibility to achieving self-sustainability.


  • Best practices in business incubation
  • Determining incubator feasibility
  • Incubator corporate governance and stakeholder support
  • Incubation program and staffing the incubator
  • The physical facility
  • The financial dynamics of incubators
  • Recruiting and assessing client companies
  • Working with entrepreneurs and assessing client needs
  • Establishing client services and a network of providers
  • Access to capital for new companies
  • Marketing and advertising the incubation program


Susan Matlock, President, The Entrepreneurial Center, Birmingham, AL
Matt Bergheiser, Vice President of Entrepreneurial Programs, The Enterprise Center, Philadelphia, PA
Joanne Randolph, Director, Biztech, Huntsville, AL

Fee: $465 members/$550 non-members

October 15, 8 a.m. to October 17, noon
Location: Embassy Suites Hotel
Fee includes lunches, refreshment breaks, a Sunday evening networking dinner, a Monday evening tour of the North Carolina Technological Development Authority and First Flight Venture Center, and course materials.

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Networking Supper
Sunday, October 15, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Make new contacts with participants from every workshop at this networking supper. We'll designate tables so that people with similar interests can gather and talk shop. For planning purposes, please indicate your networking interest on the registration form.

This dinner is free to Executive Leadership Institute, For-profit Incubation and Establishing an Effective Incubation Program participants.
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Tour of the North Carolina Technological Development Authority (NCTDA), First Flight Venture Center, and Fusion Ventures
Monday, October 16, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

NCTDA is a private, nonprofit economic development corporation with a mission to create jobs and wealth throughout North Carolina by supporting the formation and success of North Carolina's entrepreneurial ventures. NCTDA supports 25 incubation programs throughout North Carolina. One of those incubators is the First Flight Venture Center, where NCTDA is an anchor tenant. This technology business incubator provides office and laboratory space to software, instrumentation, electronics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and other technology-related companies. Fusion Ventures is the first seed stage Venture Fund and full-services Venture Accelerator in the Triangle, and one of the most successful in the Southeast. Paul Mayer and Ed Fadel founded Fusion Ventures in 1998. This tour is free to Fall Training Institute participants. Buses leave Embassy Suites at 5:30 p.m. and return at 7:45 p.m.
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Tour of Regional Incubators
Tuesday, October 17

Join us for a tour of two NCTDA incubation programs.

  • Entrepreneurial Development Center @ NC State
  • Raleigh Business and Technology Center
Fee: $50

Fee includes bus transportation. The bus departs the Embassy Suites Hotel at 1:30 p.m. and returns by 5 p.m.

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NBIA Bookstore

With titles on all aspects of incubation and startup company issues, The NBIA Bookstore is a popular feature of Fall Training Institute. The source for business incubation-related information, this year's bookstore will be packed with new books and products, including training kits, software and the latest titles for you and your clients. As a special Fall Training Institute bonus, we'll offer members a deeper discount than the everyday low member rate. The bookstore will be open throughout the institute, so don't miss this opportunity to stock up at some of the lowest prices of the year.
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